Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ocean Views

My life has been about the ocean and the Canadian Pacific NorthWestcoast. Everything that has meant anything always comes back to the sea. I grew up on the Pacific Ocean because my dad had a boat that we took many adventures on throughtout the San Juan and Gulf Islands. We explored many sheltered coves and isolated inlets. Poured over the terrain of discreet islands and had many tales to tell of the sea. I loved the ever changing landscape that is the sea. The weather changing the landscape and perspective. Storms were times that will forever impress images on my mind. the turbulant ocean patterns and changing skies above made life truly interesting. These are my "bread and butter pics," the images that are effortless for me and come to me easily. I produce them with impulsivity. They just come to me. The most successful ones are the pieces that seem to paint themselves. That's when the magic happens

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